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why music moves us


In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death there has been a lot of discussion about her having provided the “soundtrack” for our lives for the past nearly 30 years. Music moves us. We’ve all experienced it, hearing a song that suddenly brings us back to particular time, place or experience.

Music also gets into our bodies. We’ve gotten chills, goosebumps and been moved to tears. Did you ever wonder why? The Wall Street Journal just published an article about the science of music and the power that it has over our sympathetic nervous system, the system that regulates involuntary bodily functions, e.g.: cardiovascular system, digestion, sweat glands, etc. Backed by research, the article details the mechanics of musical arrangements, how they are experienced by our bodies and why sometimes, we can endlessly listen to the same song.

So the next time you feel moved, as the article so beautifully invites us to do, “sit back and let the dopamine keep us coming back for more.”

tunes that move me

As human beings, we are all but hard-wired to respond to music. Studies reveal the incredible impact of music on the brain. Its effects are profound, deep and emotional. The results stretch from lowering blood pressure to enhancing the ability to learn to shifting ones state of consciousness.

Music moves my soul. Here are a few of my favorite positive & inspiring tunes that I hope will move yours…

Christina Aguilera: Beautiful 

P!nk: Fu*kin Perfect

India Arie: Video

Helen Reddy: I Am Woman

Sly & The Family Stone: Everyday People

Christina Aguilera: Soar

Irene Cara: What A Feeling

Fleetwood Mac: Don’t Stop

Beyoncé: Run The World (Girls)

Lady Gaga: Born This Way

Eminem: Not Afraid

Eddie Vedder: Rise

Tragically Hip: Ahead By A Century

Lee Ann Womack: I Hope You Dance

Shania Twain: Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Jennifer Lopez: Alive

Lady Gaga: Hair

Madonna: Shanti/Ashtangi

En Vogue: This Is Your Life

Morcheeba: Be Yourself

What moves you? What awakens your mind? Your body? Your spirit? Share below (in “comments”)