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america the beautiful 2: the thin commandments

America The Beautiful was incredible. Darryl Roberts did it again with his second film that will grace NYC on Wednesday, October 12th, at the Quad Cinema. As reviewed by the Quad:

In an instant, 29 million Americans became fat, out of shape and dangerously obese… and they did it without taking a single bite of food. It was all the result of a decision to change the national standard for obesity. The question is “What was behind a ruling to declare so many people to be fat? Was it political, financial or for the good of humankind?” The answer lies in a new film by award-winning director Darryl Roberts who, in a follow-up to “America The Beautiful”, examines the cause of our country’s obsession with dieting. You’ll find out that diet companies have raked in huge profits because of the new standards — guidelines the weight loss industry helped structure. The film also weighs in on the raging debate between doctors who say fat is healthy versus those who disagree. There’s also the revelation that — based on new “fat” guidelines — LeBron James, one of the world’s greatest athletes, is obese. So are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Christian Bale. Covering issues such as America’s unhealthy dieting craze, the use of the outdated and misleading BMI scale and the currently touted “obesity epidemic,” Roberts debates the widely believed concepts that you have to be thin to be healthy. During his journey, he discovers the plethora of factors contributing to America’s body dissatisfaction, many of which are being promoted by doctors, schools, the government, and even the First Lady of the United States. (Running time 1:40)

Check out Darryl’s website for the trailer and lots of other goodies about both films. Don’t miss it!