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Energy = Mass x Speed of Light (in a vacuum) squared

What is energy? Intensity or vitality of action or expression.

All energy can be transformed or converted into different types of energy. Energy can also be refocused. The laws of physics state that total energy remains the same while only the type and focus changes.

It seems that people tend not to consider their energy until it is depleted. At that point, they feel frustrated that they can’t engage in things but think less about their relationship with their energy. So let’s think about it together…

Where do you direct your energy? Do you even think about it? Are you discerning? How do you decide where to invest your time and your energy?

How do you balance your energy? We live in a world that leans in the direction of multitasking. It is impossible to be fully engaged when you are multitasking. Energy is not well used and is often wasted when there is too much going on. Did you ever read an email in the flurry of your day and realize later that you misread it? I certainly have. Consider multitasking less than you do. Notice the difference in your efficiency when you carve out some time and focus on only one thing. Notice how much less energy this takes.

How do you conserve your energy? Conservation of energy is critical in order to not become depleted, overspent and crushed by exhaustion. Your energy is your currency so treat it respectfully and wisely. Manage it well and it will work better for you!

How do you restore your energy? What do you find to be restorative? What is nourishing to you? What helps you breathe deeper? How often do you make room for these things? Is it a priority for you? If not, why? How do you imagine things will change for you if you prioritize restoration in your life?

Remember, it’s your energy and if you stay conscious of it, then all of the above become your choice!

beach ball effect


I’m not a big talk show watcher but years ago I happened to hear Dr. Phil share his analogy about beach balls on the Oprah Show. Years later I still think of that analogy. What I took away from his message was this: Imagine standing in a pool and holding a beach ball in front of you. Now imagine pushing it down beneath the water surface and holding it steady. How much energy does it take to do this? Now imagine a second beach ball. Hold this one beneath the water, too. Now you have one beach ball under each hand. Imagine a few more that you are responsible for keeping below the surface. Perhaps you need to use your feet, legs and entire body to keep them all underwater at the same time. Eventually, your energy will be zapped and these beach balls will begin to have minds of their own. One by one they may suddenly pop up from beneath the water and shoot directly into the air. Chaos.

This is what happens when we don’t deal with things in our lives. What also happens is when these issues live beneath the surface for a while, they grow and seem larger than they ever were. They seem more insurmountable and scarier. Whenever we disconnect and push things away, we create a beach ball effect, so to speak. The problem is exactly what is detailed above. Eventually there are too many beach balls to manage and anxiety grows as you try to stay on top of them all. You become drained of energy and ultimately, these beach balls (read: issues) pop up when you least expect it. Likely, at the most inopportune times. Then you are forced with a choice, push the problems down beneath the surface once again, or tolerate it and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

How many beach balls are you managing? How much effort and energy does it deplete from you? Perhaps it is time to begin to allow one beach ball at a time to float next to you, hang out with it for a while, chances are that it isn’t quite as intolerable as you thought!