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Robert Frost said that “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” When you consider the many things that laughter does for us, e.g.: relaxes the body, exercises the lungs, reduces stress, improves heart functioning, increases blood flow, boosts the immune system and releases those feel-good endorphins, Mr. Frost was probably right!

There certainly are many serious times and events in life. However, if we take a moment to step back and gain perspective, we may realize that many of the things keeping us from being lighthearted just aren’t that serious!

Did you know that the average person laughs 15 times a day? When was the last time that you really let yourself go and laughed so hard that you cried? Or that you laughed so hard that your belly hurt?

Today, make it your job, your intention, to get silly, to play, to let yourself be tickled and to let out a good laugh. Then, do it again, and again, and again!