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if it doesn’t work for you, drop it like it’s hot!

Spring is inherently a time when the light changes and the weather warms. If you pay attention, you may notice that your body relaxes just a bit more. Perhaps you breathe more deeply and fully.

Spring is also a time when people talk about “spring cleaning,” de-cluttering, cleaning their windows, cleaning out their closets, switching out clothing from winter to spring/summer, etc.

I want to challenge you to clean out your personal closet. That emotional space where things tend to become cluttered and dusty. That deep, dark part of ourselves where we store emotional luggage that we forget about but drag around with us. Luggage gets heavy. It’s time to unpack and let go. You can use the freed up energy to focus on something that works for you.

If you’re carrying anything around, or there is anything in your life that no longer works for you, drop it like it’s hot and be grateful for the renewed energy you will experience!