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Destructively Fit is a TOP PICK!

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Exciting news! Destructively Fit is one of Body Local‘s TOP PICKS for fitness professional continuing education! Click here for their newsletter!

And why is Destructively Fit so important for fitness professionals?

  • An estimated 90-95% of all college students (both men AND women) diagnosed with an eating disorder belong to fitness facilities (McLean Hospital). I strongly believe that this statistic transfers to those post-college!
  • Studies estimate that up to 42% of all gym-goers struggle with a destructive relationship with exercise!

Fitness professionals are in a unique position to begin addressing these issues with their clients and even help them get connected to the support they need in order to feel better about themselves – body + soul!

Please help spread the word about this critical training necessary for everyone in the world of fitness!

the Destructively Fit Online Course is ready for you!

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I want to first thank you for all of your support and encouragement with my love project, Destructively Fit.

I’m so EXCITED to share the news that the ONLINE video version is now available and endorsed for continuing education by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)!

This means that anyone, any time and anywhere can learn about how to identify and address the ubiquitous issue of eating disorders within the fitness world!

The online course can be reached from the “Courses” page on the Destructively Fit website (www.destructivelyfit.com)!

And please, take a moment to help me share the exciting news on your social media outlets and anyone you know who is interested in fitness, eating disorders and overall health + wellness!

Many, many thanks,

Destructively Fit: exciting news!


The response to Destructively Fit has been incredible. I am beyond grateful for the support I have received and extraordinarily excited to continue bringing my Destructively Fit training to fitness facilities and individual trainers across the nation!

Here’s a recent piece published by Well + Good NYC. For more goodies, check out Destructively Fit In The News!

In other exciting news, Destructively Fit® will be offered at the March 2014 ECA World Fitness Conference, so mark your calendars!

Keep up to date on trainings and informed about fitness and eating disorders (or just show a little love + support!) by connecting with Destructively Fit® on Twitter and Facebook! Hope to see you there!